Woman with smooth legs after varicose spider veins removal
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Varicose and spider veins are enlarged, dilated, and tortuous veins that are caused by weakness in the vein walls and incompetent vein valves.

Are you in pain every time you use your arm, leg or foot? Chronic tendon pain comes from doing the things you love or need to do – over and over and over again.

Regain your life! Dr. Jeffrey Himmelberg now offers Sphenocath, the most advanced treatment to relieve headaches and Trigeminal Neuralgia pain.

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Pura Vida performs a broad range of outpatient surgical procedures. Our #1 goal is to provide first-class surgical services in a safe, welcoming environment; one in which we would be happy to treat our own families. Our consultations are performed in a state of the art, tranquil wellness facility. Your consultation will provide you with an opportunity to meet Dr. Himmelberg and ask him any questions or concerns you may have about treating problem vein areas.

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