Woman in orange sweater with tendon pain

Are you in pain every time you use your arm, leg or foot? Do you wonder why? Chronic tendon pain comes from doing the things you love or need to do—over and over and over again. Repetitive motions, no matter how ordinary, can cause small micro tears that occur each time use your tendon. When you do the same activities persistently, the micro tears do not have time to heal properly, causing injury.

Examples of damaging, repetitive behaviors that can harm your tendons:

  • Standing for long periods of time can cause you pain in your heel, ankle or knee.
  • Gripping and using the same tool, especially with a twisting motion can cause you pain in your shoulder or elbow.
  • Running, tennis, golf, soccer and any other sport or physical activity.
  • Walking constantly can cause heel, ankle or knee pain.
  • Typing at a computer or texting can cause pain in your shoulder or elbow.
  • Activities that require you to continuously reach above your head can cause shoulder pain.
  • Sweeping, mopping, dusting and other cleaning activities.
  • Cooking and constantly using your arms can cause pain in the elbow.
  • Climbing stairs regularly, can cause knee and Achilles pain.

Chronis Tendon Pain Gets Worse Over Time

Why does this happen? The burning, throbbing or sharp sting you feel means your tendon has tissue damage. When your tendon is overused and becomes damaged, it is unable to work at full capacity, causing you pain. If not treated, the micro tears may never heal and your pain will likely become worse, making you suffer for months or years.

What Are Your Options for Tendon Pain?

You may have already tried cortisone injections, coablation therapy, shock wave or even platelet rich plasma (PRP), yet even these didn’t seem to help. Many of these approaches attempt to temporarily mask the pain or try to promote a healing process within the tendon without addressing the source of the pain. Tenex Heath TX is different because we remove the damaged tendon tissue which is the source of pain and thus stimulate a healing response by your body. Without first treating and removing the pain generating damaged tendon tissue, these other treatments may not provide the ideal solution for you to quickly regain your active lifestyle.

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    Does Tenex Health TX™ Hurt?

    A local anesthetic will be used to numb the area. You may feel a slight pressure during the treatment. Many people feel immediate relief after the Tenex Health TX™ procedure. As in any procedure, some patients may feel a little soreness in the treated area for a short period of time following the procedure. You can take over-the-counter pain medication for any discomfort.

    How Long Does Tenex Health TX™ Take?

    Typically, Tenex Health TX™ takes 20 minutes or less to complete. This includes the time to pre-prep (skin cleansing) and post-procedure (placement of a small adhesive bandage). During the procedure, Dr. Himmelberg will use ultrasound imaging to identify the specific location of the damaged tendon tissue. Once the treatment area is located, a small MicroTip is inserted into the treatment area which delivers ultrasonic energy to break down and remove damaged tissue safely and quickly without disturbing surrounding health tendon tissue. Dr. Himmelberg will carefully review the procedure process and after-care instructions based on your condition, work and lifestyle.

    How Long Does It Take to Recover?

    The big advantage: you are back to light activity in days and your normal routine in weeks. Unlike traditional open surgery where recovery may take several months or even a year, patients choosing to find relief with the Tenex Health TX™ procedure will return to their normal activities in a few short weeks.

    There is no longer a need to continue suffering with chronic tendon pain (in your shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle or foot). Call Dr. Himmelberg to schedule your free assessment today to find out if you are a candidate for Tenex Health TX™.